Theme: Child Soldiers And The Normalization Of Violence

Artistic Expression: Cinema

Artist: Yangzom Brauen

Co-producers: AfterAll Films, Yangzoom Films

Educational writer: Nicolas Ryser


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A boy struggling with his past as a child soldier escapes into his dream world only to be caught up in a nightmare where he has to make a choice between life and death.


Born in battle tells the story of Oneka, a former twelve year old child soldier who has escaped the clutches of his rebel masters. In order to survive his past he escapes into his own fantasy, a world far away from his nightmarish present. The life he seeks fades the tighter he grips. Fantasy twists back to reality and when he stands in front of his parents and sister, he has to make a choice – life, death, and the path that decision will take him.

Arte Libera's goals

End the existence of child soldiers. War is dehumanizing for adults and the effect of its negative impact is exponentially multiplied in the case of children being involved. The simple objective is a world without child soldiers. We know however that to achieve this, we need much more than a drama depicting a sad reality. Yet this simple objective is unattainable solely through artistic work.

Realistic rather than Fatalistic.

The subject is dramatic, violent and inhuman! Arte Libera is making an effort to assist and so should everyone else in his or her own way.

Educate, always communicate.

Through the production of this short film and thanks to the educational material on the theme of the child soldier, we want:

  • to help schools, teachers and children (+ 14) to speak about a reality which often takes place somewhere else,
  • to promote a simple message - communicate! - to prevent and settle conflicts.
  • remind people that war - even in games - is still war.


CICT-UNESCO International Award

CICT-UNESCO International Enrico Fulchignoni Award & UNESCO Gandhi Medal


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Landshuter Short Film Festival

Born In Battle won the Audience Award at the Landshuter Short Film Festival


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Statutes, Regulations and Amendments

Arte Libera uses Art as a means of making children aware of their rights.

Arte Libera is a non-profit-making association, officially recognized as beneficial to the public, established on 1 November 2002. Its mission is to realize and encourage the production and promotion of cultural activities with the objective of safeguarding children’s rights. In order to achieve its mission, Arte Libera works closely with various artists, encouraging them to use their talents in a way which contributes to the positive transmitting of this theme.

Arte Libera’s members offer support through financial donations, administrative support and more general assistance to achieve the mission and the realization of Arte Libera’s projects. They are neutral and impartial, working on projects initiated and developed in accordance with Arte Libera’s principles. They commit themselves to respecting an ethical platform; Arte Libera's projects are not influenced by external political, religious or economic issues. The members work or participate on a voluntary basis, and will only be remunerated when the association is able to do this. November 2002


Born In Battle was completed under the patronage of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO.

We would like to thank the following donors for their significant contributions:

  • Loterie Romande
  • Fondation du Centenaire Raiffeisen
  • Fondation Isabelle Hafen
  • Fondation Juchum

We would also like to mention our special thanks to the following institutions for their general support:

  • Avina Stifung
  • Axa Winterthur, Agence Générale «Prévoyance & Patrimoine» Lausanne, M. Dominique Descloux, agent général

Additionally, we recognize the kind contributions from the organizations listed below:

  • Commune de Rolle
  • Pro Juventute- Vaud, Groupe Local de Rolle
  • Fondation Equiléo
  • Lions Club l'Aubonne & Vignobles
  • Swisspeace Foundation
  • Translation-Probst

We are particularly grateful to Jean Zermatten for his help and Julien Aly for his advice.


Daniel Stanca

Founder and Chairman

Diana Tipoia

Vice President

Nathalie de la Iglesia


Alessia Aprile

General Secretary


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